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SA Rooibos Tea Suppliers
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Please contact us for your Rooibos and Honeybush tea needs or if you have any questions concerning our products.
We are definitely looking for Distributors !

Company Name
SA Tea
Cape Town
South Africa
Email Address
Phone Number
+27 722 659 593 (OH)
GMT +2
For information on the history and health benefits of rooibos tea, please consult the official website of the

Rooibos Tea - Facts about preparation, history and health benefits of Rooibos tea.
SA Rooibos Tea Supplies holds Halaal & Kosher certification.
SA Rooibos Tea Supplies holds certification from NSF in Good Manufacturing Practice; as well as BRC certification for excellence in hygiene and safety standards for a food manufacturing facility.
SA Rooibos Tea Supplies is certified with ECO-Cert, Germany as packer of quality tested and internationally approved Organic products.
SA Tea is the marketing, sales and communications division of SA Rooibos Tea Supplies.
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